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Who We Are

'Roots to Table' was born on the majestic shores of Lake Superior, rooted in the mighty Precambrian Shield.

Whether it be hiking the beautiful Voyager Trails, skating a frozen Lake Superior, tapping the giant maples for syrup, or reviving fallen trees by turning them into unique "StoryBoards," we desire to live our lives "integrated with nature."

Over the past few years, we have had the great privilege of visiting over 40 countries, appreciating diverse cultures, local customs, and traditional authentic cuisine. What we uncovered was, the most memorable times were spent getting to enjoy incredible "food experiences" with others.

These "food experiences" provided opportunities for conversations and a greater sense of connection. This is something we take great pride and joy in, in our home as well!

All our lives, the best memories we continue to create are with our family and friends in the heart of our home, around the kitchen table!

Whether it be the holidays, a special celebration, or a night with friends, we love creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere to show off our "artsy culinary skills." We get incredible joy from going all out, creating colorful cocktails and filling the table end to end with delicious finger foods such as yummy cured meats, delectable cheeses, tasty fruits, and vegetables, plus mouthwatering home-baked goodies. All while enjoying wonderful conversations and listening to just the right music in the background, such as Billie Holiday or a friend on guitar.

These experiences and conversations led us to our company's first product in 2014, "Sili-Mitts" Oven Mitts. It was during one of our table-talks where the idea came for a better mitt. One that could handle very high heat, protect your forearms from hot water and steam and was easy to clean but also had to look great! 

After working hard to get that business established, we expanded to cheese boards and cheese knives and have again identified a fantastic opportunity to create something better. From a culmination of all these experiences, our love of nature, a passion for travel, and the joy we get from entertaining others with incredible "Food Experiences" that has led us to...

"Roots to Table,” one of our most significant and meaningful ventures yet.

Canadian forests